Masdar World Future Energy Summit 2019
Experiential Technology Consultancy | Augmented Reality | Transparent Touch OLED | iPad Data Capture App

For Masdar’s WFES 2019 stand, PixelPlusMedia worked hand-in-hand with Wood International and Liminal UK in delivering and supporting in the activation of 4 digital experiences.

  1. An ARKit-based Augmented Reality App that uses SLAM to track and overlay AR Content over space rather than the traditional marker-based tracking system;
  2. A Live-Rendered 3D Interactive Transparent OLED App that showcased Masdar’s global projects and initiatives;
  3. A 2.5mm Social Media Column that aggregates social hashtag data and displays it through a seamless LED column that is synced with some scenic lights;
  4. A data capture app that dispenses brochures digitally.
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