Nescafe IKIGAI Tweet Booth
An innovative sampling where people were asked "what do you wake up for?" using #IWAKEUPFOR to be rewarded with free coffee in a tweet-customized cup.

Tweet Coffee Machine

A tweet-activated vending machine that prints customized messages along with your coffee.

The Brief

Fuel a conversation about Ikigai and the importance of knowing one’s purpose to engage audience. We created content and stories around “what do you wake up for?” to link back to what (only) a stimulating cup of NESCAFÉ coffee can start (the new global selling line is: It all starts with a NESCAFÉ”). We want to own morning starts, and create a compelling reason for a cup of NESCAFÉ coffee to get the morning started right.


With the story of Ikigai, we launched an integrated campaign, inviting people to answer the question “What do you wake up for?”, join the conversation about the quality of life and take a few minutes to focus on awakening their purpose with a cup of NESCAFÉ coffee.

The integrated campaign was composed by:

• Online documentary about ikigai • 6 individual story portraits of Okinawans • PR and social media focused around the importance of awakening your purpose every morning • Online campaign to drive video views • A specially designed retargeted content to engage viewers with new content • Outdoor & Radio to created brand visibility and drive engagement with the hashtag • A twitter booth activation rewarded passerby with free coffee in a customized cup using their tweeted hashtag • A documentary about what the people who produce NESCAFÉ wake up for

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