MAF Ramadan Share Together Machine
Brand Experience | Animatronic Integration

Experiential Campaign

A cross-border experiential campaign for MAF for their Ramadan Donation Drive.


Previously MAF’s Ramadan campaigns were broadly targeted to adults in the Gulf region, appealing to their compassion with a generic donation call-to-action. This year, in order to inspire bigger action we saw an opportunity to also create the next generation of donors for MAF; we turned our attention to families with young children. We recognised that Ramadan is a time for parents to teach their children about the key Ramadan value of compassion. If we could leverage this, we would be able to connect with parents more closely. To MAF as a brand, this audience is important, because families make up a large proportion of footfall to retail and entertainment destinations. To increase donations, we needed parents to donate but also teach their children about the importance of giving. The campaign had to inspire dialogue and it had to give children an active role in the donation.


All executions in all channels drove parents to pick up the ‘Twogether Box’ from Majid Al Futtaim destinations and start donating together with their children. To connect with parents during key Ramadan moments, on-ground activations handed out ‘Twogether Boxes’ and enabled families to hand in their donations.

The Share-A-Bear-Generator further highlighted these values by creating a magical moment for families where children would feed their donations into our magical machine and a Dabdoub Bear would come out at the other end.

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By creating the next generation of donors and giving kids an active role in the donation, we achieved an astonishing 201% increase in items collected (the target was 5%): from 60 tons in 2017 to 121 tons in 2018. On-ground engagement went 143% over target. We grew brand love on all social channels; communities on Facebook grew by 30%, Instagram grew by 6% and YouTube grew by 44% by the time the campaign had finished, showing that our message and brand truly resonated with people. Our YouTube creative performed above industry benchmark for Engagement Rate (27% vs 18-20%) and View-Through-Rate (27% vs 10%). By syncing our digital campaign with popular Ramadan TV shows we leveraged second-screening behaviour, enabling us to achieve 22 million views across all digital platforms, exceeding the targeted 2 million total views by an astounding 110%.