Masdar World Future Energy Summit 2019
Experiential Technology Consultancy | Augmented Reality | Transparent Touch OLED | iPad Data Capture App

Digital Consultancy

In a collaborative effort with Liminal UK, PixelPlusMedia helped deliver various experiential solutions for Masdar. It was a situation where we applied local knowledge and technical expertise to help build several hi-technology applications for the client’s stand at the World Future Energy Summit 2019.

Technologies Delivered

After over four months of collaboration, we helped deliver and find solutions for the digital engagements that were proposed for the stand by another supplier. These are:

  • An ARKit-based Augmented Reality App that uses SLAM to track and overlay AR Content over space rather than the traditional marker-based tracking system;
  • A Live-Rendered 3D Interactive Transparent OLED App that showcased Masdar’s global projects and initiatives;
  • A 2.5mm Social Media Column that aggregates social hashtag data and displays it through a seamless LED column that is synced with some scenic lights;
  • A data capture app that dispenses brochures digitally.
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