Mastercard Priceless Delivery
Gesture-based Interaction | Sensor-based Interaction

The Priceless Delivery

We drew people in Dubai in the most popular mall. And helped them deliver food to the children through an interactive wall. Through A PRICELESS DELIVERY medium (an interactive wall), we connected people who wanted to give to the displaced children, with the children themselves. And with every high-quality meal bought from Salma and delivered through MasterCard, we helped people feel as well as see the direct impact of their contributions.

How did we do it?

At the very popular Dubai Mall, people were invited to buy a meal pack from MasterCard. People would buy a packet and step up to the wall. An infra-red range sensor would detect them and show them a recording of a child reaching out on screen. As they inserted the pack into the slot, another sensor detected the colour and movement of the pack. This information was fed to a computer in real-time. And the recording on screen showed the child receiving the same pack in one seamless motion. This experience transformed the way people have donated in the UAE. We attracted people to the wall through targeted messaging across key shopping and delivery channels such as Supermarkets, Food Courts and Shopping Sites Social events and posts helped with amplifying the invitations. And deliveries continued, beyond the wall, through a mobile platform.

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109,000 participants across 53 nationalities, in just 30 days, connected to the children.

People in Dubai delivered 400,000+ meals to children and families in refugee camps thousands of miles away across the Middle East

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