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What we did?

We discovered that street football is a tough proposition in Dubai. It can reach 50 degrees celsius outside and playing sites being redeveloped as the city grows. We wanted to create a tournament that demonstrates the product, but FC247 was being launched in May, when it’s too hot to play outside. We also knew, that with a low media budget, we needed to target teens in social media and give them an amazing story to share. We reclaimed Dubai’s new landscape for football, taking over an empty tower for the world’s first high-rise football tournament: LVL UP.

We leveraged Facebook’s Graph API to connect badges that were used by players to check-in the tournament venue digitally and physically.

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Why was it relevant?

There are 3 boots in the FC247 range, designed for 3 different playing surfaces: court, turf and street. For LVL UP, we took over the top 3 floors of the Media One Tower. Each floor had a pitch with a different surface: court, turf and street. To win the tournament and ‘own the tower’, the teams had to LVL UP: master each surface, win on each level and try to reach the top. Finally, one team won on court, turf and street to reach the top as champions.