Toyota Jazz Festival 2014
RFID Technology | Social Media Integration | Interactive Vending Machine

Social RFiD Activation

To connect Toyota’s digital marketing with its biggest on-ground activation of the year, GMASCO approached PixelPlusMedia to recreate its Facebook RFiD activation for the 2014 Jazz Festival.

What did we do?

Our scope was to integrate on-ground technologies with Facebook using RFiD. The system included over 10 registration kiosks, 3 instaprint kiosk, 4 connected 3rd-party Activations, an Interactive “Air Guitar” Vending Machine, Mobile Photobooths and a RAID Server Setup which continuously synced with an on-ground server through a satellite connection.

Built from scratch, PixelPlusMedia successfully integrated with Facebook APIs, built our own API protocol, standardized RFiD Hex Encryptions and rebuilt a local RAID system to account for poor internet connectivity on the ground. This was all achieved within a period of 4 weeks.

popup image
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Since the on-ground activations were connected to digital, we were able to quantify the brand interactions on the ground through Facebook’s analytics.


  • 3,742 Online
  • 3,430 Offline
  • 7,172 in Total

Hashtag Pulls

  • 3 Kiosks
  • 1,321 posts #jazzuptoyota
  • 1,936 prints

Facebook Impressions

  • 341,464 Facebook impressions
  • 11,442 Actions published (check ins)
  • 2,175 additional likes on ToyotaUAE page

Brand Love

  • Infinity